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4 Great Tips For Winterizing Your Home and Saving Money

Yet another summer is in the books and this was definitely a hot one. Thankfully, all that brutal hot weather is behind us and now the weather is much more manageable. Hopefully, you and your family are enjoying the fall and all the nice weather. Unfortunately, the fall means that winter is right around the corner and it's going to get a lot colder all over the country.

You shouldn't just sit back and wait for the cold to come, however. Fall is actually the perfect time to get some work done around the house and prepare your property for the winter.

Here are some great tips for winterizing your home during the fall:

  • Work with window and door restoration services -- Fall is the perfect time to update your home's windows and doors. If your windows are more than 15 years old, you could be dealing with draftiness, sticky windows, and extremely high energy bills. Drafty windows and doors are the last things you need during the cold winter months. By working with door and window manufacturers that offer quality window and door restoration services, you'll be able to rid your home of all its old and feeble fixtures, replacing them with quality custom windows and doors.

  • Add honeycomb cellular shades -- These shades are great for keeping cold air out of your home and limit draftiness. Be sure to lower them at night, however, as well as when temperatures are, much colder, and open them up during the day so you can use the energy from the sun to warm up the rest of your home.

  • Cover your water heater with an insulated blanket -- Insulating your hot water heater will offer plenty of financial and energy benefits. In fact, throwing an insulated blanket over your water heater can reduce heat loss by as much as 40%.

  • Weatherstrip your structure -- Sealing all the cracks and gaps around your home's doors and windows will not only improve your property's appearance but save you a lot of money, as well. In fact, sealing the gaps can reduce your home's energy expenses between 10% to 15%.

If you are in need of quality window and door restoration services and are hoping to get your home ready for the upcoming colder months, give Window and Door Showplace a call right away.

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