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4 Important Aspects of Household Window Design

window design

Home design is a lot of fun but it can also be quite tricky. You can place your household furniture items around any way you like, paint the walls whatever color you want, and decorate however you like, but there are other aspects of home design that require a little more effort.

Window design, for instance, has so many factors that go into selecting the perfect fit to match your home. Throughout 2018, the window installation industry revenue increased 3.7%. Here are some great tips for choosing the right exterior window design and style:

  • Select windows that reflect your home's architectural style -- Your windows should compliment your household's architectural style so the first step is to choose custom windows that match the design aesthetic throughout your home. Whether you have a modern and contemporary home or a rustic and wooden home, there are window frame styles that can compliment your home's look perfectly.

  • Select the right color -- Depending on the color of your home, you should select window frame colors that can accentuate the rest of the home. If you are thinking about giving your home an external makeover and plan on painting your frames, it's best to ask a paint professional about the highest quality paint to use for your specific housing application.

  • Consider ventilation -- A window's primary purpose is to let ventilation and fresh air in and out of your home. Deciding which type of window will help promote household ventilation is extremely important and can result in significant energy savings. Keep in mind, the majority of U.S. residential properties have both fixed windows, which cannot be opened, and operable windows, which do provide much more ventilation.

  • Create depth -- A lot of windows can create the illusion of depth but they are actually quite two-dimensional. You can use layers and forced perspective to create the illusion of depth inside your home, which can end up looking fantastic.

If you want to learn more about the window design process, order specialty windows and doors, or work with window and door restoration services, give Window and Door Showplace a call right away.

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